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Malaysia Culture, Population, GDP and Much More You Want to Know

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Malaysia is a rustic in Southeast Asia. The federal constitutional monarchy includes 13 states and 3 federal territories, separated through the South China Sea into regions, Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo’s East Malaysia. Peninsular Malaysia stocks a land and maritime border with Thailand and maritime borders with Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. …

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Is there making a gap between Pak. army and people of Pakistan?

Is there making a gap between Pak. army and people of Pakistan

As you know the situation Pakistan is very bad. After finishing the PTI government the political situatuation is becoming very dangerous. The x. PM Imran khan participating the huge crowed day by day. In these gathering he is openly talking about the court of Pakistan and Pakistan army. According to …

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Pakistani P.M Imran khan is faciing vote of no- confidence

pakistani P.M Imran khan

  Now a days in Pakistan the main topic of talk is vote of no- confidence. The government of PTI looking in difficult position because all the parties of opposition are on the same page. They present the resolution of no- confidence yesterday in the parliament of Pakistan. After three …

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Why Zelenskky understand so late after huge destruction?

The war between Russia and Ukraian entered about third week but no soultion will seen near few next days. Nor the Russian president Putton is leaving his damands nor the Ukrain to accept his demans. Ukrain president Zelenskkey take the deciion against the Russian on the behalf of NATA countries …

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