Is there making a gap between Pak. army and people of Pakistan?

Is there making a gap between Pak. army and people of Pakistan

As you know the situation Pakistan is very bad. After finishing the PTI government the political situatuation is becoming very dangerous. The x. PM Imran khan participating the huge crowed day by day.

In these gathering he is openly talking about the court of Pakistan and Pakistan army. According to him the Supreme court of Pakistan gave the decision against the PTI government one sided. Imran said what was my crime that open the court at 12 P.M. More over he said the letter was a true true and basis on the truth. But according to the ISPR repotted that the there was nothing in that letter as said Imran Khan.

But a social media a great support came for PTI and Imran khan. These Imran khan Supporters strongly condemn on Supereme court and Pak army. on addressing on Karachi crowed Imran Khan asked a question from the people that it was a sazish or involvement? On other other worlds he said the ISPR is not spoking the truth.

Yesterday Chief of the army Gen. Bajwa said that the criticism on pak army never bear. More over he said some people are making a gap between pak army and the people of Pakistan. He clearly said the persons never be forgive. He also said that the people who injured the present army officer must be punished.

according to the report ISI arrested many people that were involved compain against pak army on social media. Gen. Bajwa also said that the people of pakistan and the pak army are on the same page. He said that the people of Pakistan are the backbone of pak army.

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