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Today life is so busy due routine work. Nobody has time to take regular excursive and take care about health and fitness. That’s why many problems of health and diseases are increasing rapdily.Sugar, high blood pressure, lungs’, kidneys and heart problems are common now a days.

We are facing these problems because of our life style taking unhealthy food and lack of hard work. Everybody know that health is wealth and fitness is the gift of life. But inspire of all these we are not serious about our health and fitness.

According to the reports in Subcontinent means Pakistan and India the ratio of heart attack is 10 to 15 percent is high as compared to the other parts of the word. That’s why our young people about the age of 30 to 50 years have died with heart attack. On the other hand the people of other countries lives 10 to 12 years more as compared to us.

If we fallow some simple rules, change our life style and food we can avoid diseases and live a happy life.
1. Work hard that’s duration must be 40 mints.
2.Take regular daily exercise and walk about 1 km. especially after the dinner and early in the morning.
3.Minimise the use of salt, sweets, and cold drinks.
4.If you are addicts then must leave this habit immediately.
5. Avoid the food like pizza and burgers.
6. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
7.Take plenty of water.
8. Minimize the use of electronics things like mobiles, computers and and T.v.
We must follow these rules and measurements we keep our life happy and healthy.


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