Pakistani P.M Imran khan is faciing vote of no- confidence


pakistani P.M Imran khan

Now a days in Pakistan the main topic of talk is vote of no- confidence. The government of PTI looking in difficult position because all the parties of opposition are on the same page. They present the resolution of no- confidence yesterday in the parliament of Pakistan. After three days talk in the parliament the speaker will announce the date of no- confidence within 7 days.

The role of vote of no- confidence three main parties PPP, PMLN and JUIF. All these parties give the name of PDM means Pakistan democratic movement. PM Imran Khan and his cabmen is claiming that vote of no- confidence will fail because their numbers are complete. On the other hand the PDM said that vote of no- confidence will be succeed because the alliance of government will leave the government and join the PDM.

The situation is becoming more interesting after two or three days. Yesterday the C.M Punjab Usman Khan Buzdar offered the resign of the demand of Jahangir group and Aleem khan. Both these persons are the part of PTI but after some time thery are not satisfied with C.M Punjab. On different times they gave their objection but Imran khan ignore them. But when the PDM announce the vote of no- confidence the value of this group increased highly.

The P.M Imran khan announce the mane of Choudhry Previz Elahi for C.M Punjab but question is that Jahangir Treena and Aleem Khan will accept the name of Pervez Elahi their decision will announce tomorrow after a brief meeting. On the other hand the PDM also offered the seat of C.M Punjab for Pervez Elhi but they said that they are with Imran Khan.

After the announcement of PMLQ the main role will play MQM. MQM is alliance of government from the beginning. If we talk of the members of parliament the different is only 4 to 8 members. The game cane be changed for both the parties. The MQM has two ministries in federals cabinet but government also affeered another ministry to MQM if they are with PTI government.

The house will be begin debate on the motion on Thursday and a vote is to be held within seven days. The prime Minster ceases to hold his office after he has lost the confidence of this house, opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif said reading form the vote of no- confidence telecast live on television.

The move comes as Pakistan faces a recurring economic crisis with Khan government banking on the international monetary fund to release the next trachea of a dollar 6 billion.
The vote of no- confidence will succeed or fail the result will be DE clear within few days.


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