Why did the old fashion replace by new fashion?

Why did the old fashion

It is the desire of everyone to wear the the latest cloths and shoes either he/she poor or rich. Everyone wants to look beautiful and charming. For this purpose they they use different hair style, perfumes, costly face washes, whiting creams, imported dress bags and girls use beautiful jewelries. For looking beautiful and handsome people use lot of money.

What is the means by fashion? the fashion is the culture and traditions of the country or region. If we talk about the modern fashion we see the people copy the style of other people of the country. For example we see in Pakistani and Indian people especially girls are following the fashion designing of American and Europium people. This traditions is spreading by Indian and Pakistani film industry and showbiz world.

This is the huge industry and vast all over the world. The fashion industry earing in the world is at the No. 3. The well reputed companies are earing millions of dollars every year. When they launch their product they hire famous persons of the world line films stars, players of all games of worlds and beautiful models. These people advertise different products and charged heavy amount in return. On the other hand the beautiful molds advertise through ramp walk on red carpet.

But inspire of all people are forget their culture and traditions. According to the new school of thought the definition of fashion is a form of self expression and autonomy at a particular period and place and in a specific clothing context a foot wear, life style, accessories. Makeup, hair style, and body posture.

Now the question is that why did fashion change? The answer is so simple that the people has been changed with the passage of time.as well as the time has changed the new replaces the old.People are much impressing by new culture and fashion including all kinds of people.

Now a days some Muslims have adopted dressing based on Westeren traditions, while other wear modern modern form of traditionally Muslims dress. Some people do not like modern fashion and Westeren culture. They say that this is not our culture and tradition So we should not permute it.

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