Why Zelenskky understand so late after huge destruction?

The war between Russia and Ukraian entered about third week but no soultion will seen near few next days. Nor the Russian president Putton is leaving his damands nor the Ukrain to accept his demans. Ukrain president Zelenskkey take the deciion against the Russian on the behalf of NATA countries especially Amerca because before the war they promice that Ukrain that they are with Urkrain at any cost.

They assured Ukrain that they will fight against Russiaa.But when the war started they never come to hehp Ukrain.Now the Ukrain is lonely fighting agisnst the Russia the big power. America and NaTO countries limtes only taking the santions. The Ukraini president zulenskkey now understand that the Nato and Amerca are not with him his decsioin was not correct that Ukrain will be the part of Nato countries.

the question is that why the Ukriani president understand after huge destructioin and deaths. On the other hand Russia is attacking on Ukrain with full power and energy. Both the sides calimed that they get victory but the truth is that the small Ukrain forces bravely agiainst the big power Russian and making huge loss of Russian.Now the Turkey is taking the role of third party to stop this war.

Turkish president Tayyab Urdgan said that he will try to stop this war and both the countries are ready talk for the solution of this conflict.In the result of this war the prices of raw oil reached at lthe highest peak of the history and the prices of weat gold and oil inreaed highly in the world.Zelenskkey is ready to full fill the demands and desires of Russia. It shows that the Zelnskkey,s mind thinking because his descion made a huge loss of Ukraini people and country.

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